Winter 2017 HDA Industry Update

The Hawai‘i Dispensary Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the Winter 2017 Edition of the HDA Industry Update. This unique, members-only resource is the premier industry publication written exclusively for Hawai‘i’s medical marijuana industry.

In this issue, we present a number of different articles that will appeal to dispensaries, patients, doctors, and related businesses alike. The full Table of Contents includes:

  • January 2017 Working Group Meeting – Our comprehensive notes from the January meeting of the Medical Cannabis Working Group, including details about Big Island dispensary Lau Ola. 
  • 2017 Hawai‘i Cannabis Industry Legislation Overview – A brief update on the current status of all cannabis industry legislation in the aftermath of the first legislative crossover.
  • How to Submit Testimony – A quick guide for citizens on how to submit testimony in support of the legislation that matters to you!
  • An Interview with PharmLabs Hawai‘i – An in-depth interview with one of the laboratories that will be performing the testing for the dispensaries and patients. This interview looks at their mission, their tools, and their vision for the future of the medical cannabis industry in Hawai‘i.
  • Ancillary Business Opportunities in Hawai‘i – This in-depth analysis of current trends and opportunities for ancillary businesses in the medical cannabis industry in Hawai‘i, is based on extensive data collection from across the United States and is an encouraging and thought provoking read for any who wish to be involved in the future of Hawai‘i’s medical cannabis economy.
  • Peer-Reviewed Prescription – Matching the Right Cannabis Strains to the Disease Makes for Effective Medicine – This column by Dr. Norm Goody describes the mechanisms and necessity of turning cannabis from a leaf on a bush into true medicine.
  • Qualifying Conditions by State – This chart shows all of the qualifiying conditions for the use of medical cannabis across the United States.
  • How to Register as a Patient – This brief document provides patients with the instructions they need to successfully complete the patient paperwork to obtain their 329 card. It has been approved by DOH.
  • An Interview with Synaptic OTC Sciences – This interview with HDA member Synaptic OTC Sciences touches on the CBD supplement industry, the effectiveness of CBD only products for certain ailments, and the path forward, hand-in-hand with the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries.
  • Physician/APRN Guide to Certifying Medical Cannabis Patients in Hawai‘i – This brief document contains the instructions that physicians/APRN’s should follow to successfully certify medical cannabis patients in Hawai‘i. It has been approved by DOH.
  • February/March 2017 Legislative Working Group Meeting – Finally, our comprehensive notes from the February/March meeting of the Medical Cannabis Working Group, including details about Kauai dispensary, Green Aloha.

Finally, make sure you check out the Calendar at the end of the Update. It is rapidly filling up with industry and educational events scheduled for the next few months!

It is the Alliance’s mission to provide up-to-date and relevant industry information to the patients, dispensary applicants, and related businesses of Hawai‘i’s growing medicinal cannabis industry. If you are not yet an Alliance member, join today to receive the HDA Industry Update every month and to take an active role in the future of Hawai‘i’s medical marijuana industry. Contact us today and we will send you this Winter 2017 edition of the Industry Update absolutely free to say thank you for your interest! You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Alliance Releases Winter 2017 Edition of the HDA Industry Update