Aloha Alliance,

The Hawaii State Department of Health Cannabis Registry Program posted the fourth-quarter patient growth numbers for 2017.

  • Patient numbers increased dramatically from January through September, and then tapered off to a near stand still for the fourth quarter of the year.
  • There was a very slight increase in the number of certifying physicians and APRNs, but physician participation in the medical cannabis program still remains alarmingly low.
  • O‘ahu now has the majority of the state’s registered patients: O‘ahu has 39%, Hawai‘i has 30%, Maui has 21% and Kaua‘i has only 10%. With two open dispensaries on O‘ahu and no dispensary on Hawai‘i, the trend will continue into 2018.
  • The majority of patients in the medical cannabis program are 46 years old and above.
  • Additional breakdowns of patient numbers by county, age, gender, and condition for the fourth quarter of 2017 can be found here.

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DOH 2017 Patient Numbers Fourth-Quarter Report