As of today, the Department of Health has announced that it has officially cleared four of Hawaii’s eight licensed dispensaries to acquire and begin cultivating plants.

In the last week, Pono Life Sciences Maui and Manoa Botanicals joined Maui Grown Therapies and Aloha Green Holdings, Inc. as the first to receive clearance to begin cultivation. Other dispensaries have also requested inspections and cultivation clearance scheduled for February. The Hawaii County dispensaries both anticipate their inspections occurring later in the year.

Next, as detailed in the announcement and at the last DOH update to the Legislative Working Group, DOH will connect the seed-to-sale tracking system to the patient registry system, officially certify a laboratory, and begin inspections of dispensing/retail facilities. All of these steps must be completed before the dispensaries will be allowed to commence retail operations.

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DOH Clears Pono Life Sciences Maui to Begin Cultivation