Aloha Alliance,

The Hawaii State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registry Program posted the latest patient demographics in its second-quarter statistics for 2017. The Hawai‘i Dispensary Alliance has analyzed the numbers so you do not have to. Here’s what is important for you to know in today’s numbers.

  • At the end of June 2017, 17,591 patients are registered with the program, as well as 1,308 caregivers. That’s an increase of 1,316 new patients and 29 caregivers since March.
  • O‘ahu made the biggest jump in patient numbers over the quarter compared to the other counties, adding 762 patients and 30 caregivers. The number of caregivers actually decreased in all other counties.
  • Unfortunately, second-quarter numbers show 10 less physicians actively certifying patients, at 108 total.
  • Approximately one-third of the registered patients are reporting more than one qualifying condition. There are a total of 23,358 qualifying conditions reported, with 15,416 patients reporting severe pain. With nearly 18,000 patients in the program, this shows that for about one-third of the patients, severe pain is in addition to another qualifying condition.
  • For non-pain related qualifying conditions, PTSD and muscles spasms saw about 300 new patients in each category.
  • There was a slight gain in the percentage of registered patients from ages 18 to 45 compared to patients over 45, and also a one percent gain in female patients compared to male patients. Both of these changes reflect that Hawaii’s patient distribution is moving closer to patient distributions in other states.

As the dispensaries get ever closer to opening their doors, make sure you have seen a certifying physician and have a 329 card. HDA member clinics Malie Cannabis Clinic, Honolulu Wellness Center and Green Wave Medical are available to assist patients on O‘ahu, and Dr. Norman Goody on the Big Island.

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DOH Posts June 2017 Registry Program Quarterly Report on Patient Demographics