The Hawai‘i Dispensary Alliance is a 501c(6) membership organization that brings together Hawai‘i’s patients, dispensaries, related businesses, and local communities through education, resources, and community building to advocate for favorable legal, social, and economic changes for Hawai‘i’s legitimate cannabis industry. We are a patient-centric organization with key relationships across the industry and the world that we leverage with integrity to increase the inclusiveness, transparency, and social equity of Hawai‘i’s legitimate cannabis industry and its regulations in pursuit of industry success for each of our stakeholders.

Our members benefit from local and national political representation; participate in local and national networking activities; receive detailed industry information; accept invitations to numerous educational and training events and workshops; and connect with others across our valuable professional network.

IMG_5760Christopher Garth is our Executive Director and chief lobbyist with almost a decade of experience bridging the gap between stakeholder interests and all levels of Hawai‘i’s state and local governments. He is positioning our organization to take an active role representing the interests of patients, dispensary applicants, and other stakeholders during the Department of Health’s upcoming rule-making process. A native Hawaiian, educated on the mainland and in Honolulu, Christopher is excited about this opportunity to help a growing industry bring new opportunities to Hawai‘i and greater access to medicine for those in need.