Today the Department of Health sent out its most recent email update concerning its activities in regulating Hawaii’s medical cannabis industry. Of particular note is the Department’s rapid assimilation of the changes from Act 230 into its operations. The most substantial change so far: APRN’s can now certify patients under the medical cannabis program, using the same process as doctors! This will likely help the industry in expanding the patient base across the islands.

The other important news in this edition of the email update is that the Department of Health released new patient numbers for July, and more interestingly, patient number distributions by zipcode. This document will be a very useful marketing and location guide for dispensaries and related businesses alike.  It will allow the industry to look at the topography of the patients across the islands and identify where the opportunities for current and future growth may lie.

As far as new patient numbers, DOH reports that as of July 31, 2016, the state added 11 new patients, growing from 14,492 in June to 14,503 in July. This number is an order of magnitude below the growth rates we have seen in previous months, and highlights the need for a concerted, industry-wide effort to encourage new patients to obtain their card, and the need for better education for Doctors and APRN’s regarding certification.
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DOH Releases Patient Numbers by Zipcode